• MiyoSmart

    MiyoSmart An innovative spectacle lens with a honeycombe design to manage and help slow down the progression of myopia. Click on the video link below for more information and ask in practice for further details.
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  • The Hearing Care Partnership

    The Hearing Care Partnership At McElholm opticians we have teamed up with The Hearing Care Partnership to offer free hearing health checks. The services on offer include FREE hearing assessments, Ear wax removal (£70 charge), Tinnitus Management, Hearing Protection and the latest Digital Hearing Aids. These services are available in our Kircubbin practice on a Tuesday and in our Downpatrick practice on a Wednesday.  You can book an appointment through either of our practices, online at
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  • NI Pears Scheme

    NI Pears Scheme If you have a SUDDEN onset eye problem, such as a sore or red eye or a sudden change in your vision, you can be seen by one of our NI Pears accredited optometrists. Where possible we will endeavour to get you an appointment within 48-72 hours. Conditions that can be seen under this scheme include: Sudden red eye or eyelids Sudden uncomfortable or gritty eyes Sticky discharge from the eyes Sudden change in vision in either or both eyes Foreign body removal Sudden onset of flashers/floater
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  • Enjoy the Sun without the GLARE

    Enjoy the Sun without the GLARE Increase contrast and block reflected light wth POLARISED lenses! Watch this short video to see what you could be missing.
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  • All new contact lens that knows light!

    All new contact lens that knows light! Squint less, see better with the brand new transition contact lens from Acuvue. Watch the short video to find out more.
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