Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are more comfortable and wearable than ever before!

In McElholms we love to fit contact lenses. Edel, owner of McElholms, is a keen contact lens wearer. Contact lenses bring 'FREEDOM' to spectacle wearers and we believe that those should at least once experience vision without spectacles. We believe that age is not a barrier and have fitted young children as well as ripened adults! 

Contact lenses can be great fun to wear for a different look and are a major advantage for sports. Although many children love to wear their spectacles, others don't, and they will gain great confidence from their new non bespectacled look. 

We offer a very professional service, where much time is spent fitting the best contact lens for each individual patient's needs, and then we follow up with ensuring that our patients are confident with insertion and removal so that their contact lens wear is a great experience. We believe that success in contact lens wear comes from good follow up care, annual checks on eye health, and well delivered advice from your optometrist. 

Contact lenses are continually improving and there are new contact lenses coming to the market regularly - so if you have tried before and it didn't work for you - come and try again, the right lens might be here for you now!